Weekly Themes

From theory to reality.

Every Sunday, we will handpick a topic from our happiness toolkit. These topics will be functional additions to your week designed to introduce you to various happiness theories. They will come with practical side quests so you can put them directly into action. We encourage you to experiment with these concepts. Take out 5-10 minutes every day where you won’t be distracted by anyone, and write down your findings. By writing down these concepts in a notebook, you will eventually have your own personal happiness guide.

For example, you will receive the task to write down three good things that happened during your day and how these situations came about. The goal is to perform this exercise for a whole week, after which you will receive a new exercise. This “what-went-well” technique has been shown to increase one’s happiness after one week of practicing. It helps people by teaching them how to adopt a glass-half-full attitude toward life. Why not start right now? Take a notebook and write down three positive things about your day.