Personal To-Dos

You are the only one responsible for your own happiness.

In this part of the program, we look deep inside ourselves and write down our personal dreams, goals, and to-dos. Only you can answer the question: “What do I strive for? What do I want to achieve in life?” For every little to-do which we ever created, we did so because we intuitively knew it would make us happier if we accomplished them, big or small.

First, short-term to-dos. To create clarity and order, it can help to write down small tasks like going to the laundromat to wash your favorite shirt, so you can wear it to your friend’s birthday party the following weekend. Or the fact that your friend’s birthday is coming up in the first place, so you can prepare yourself by buying a nice gift.

Second, the long-term to-dos are open-ended and may require more dedication. You can take up salsa dancing or work on improving your relationship with someone. Or both at the same time? Who knows? The options
are endless!

Third, you make a bucket list and write down all your ambitions you never dared tell anyone about because you feared their judgment. You may have always wanted to run a marathon, become a professional musician, or climb Mount Everest. Nothing is too far-fetched if you are willing to work for it!

After all, we can make steady progress and stay motivated by dividing our goals into smaller, achievable milestones. Plus, with a clear plan, we will feel more confident and empowered to turn our dreams into reality.