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What is the citizenship and passport? (Can you explain the perks in more detail)2024-01-17T21:15:13+00:00

With a citizenship and passport, you are a part of the Happy Nation, and get access to all its special features.

Wellbeing programs2024-01-17T21:15:46+00:00

As the owner of a Happy Nation Ticket, you will have access to one of our wellbeing programs per year completely for free as soon as they are launched. At the beginning there are 1-, 2- and 3-month programs, with a price range between $30 and $80. You are never done working on your wellbeing, and if for example, you do a one-month program each year, within 2 years, you have already saved $60!

Ownership of the art2024-01-17T21:17:01+00:00

We have chosen to use NFTs for the Happy Nation Ticket. You probably head of NFTs as the overpriced G-packs, but what makes NFTs great is the digital ownership. So, we choose the NFT technology so that its very clear that you are the owner. Also, in the future, the Ticket could be sold if you are not interested in doing a wellbeing program. But only as long as you are the owner of the Ticket, you have access to our wellbeing programs.

Prints of the art2024-01-17T21:17:31+00:00

The online version of a piece of art is 800 x 600 and available to everyone. But only you, as the owner of the art, can download a printable 4K version which you can print out and put up in your living room.

What does Happy Nation do with the money?2024-01-17T21:18:06+00:00

When you buy a Happy Nation Ticket, you help us to build everything you can see on our website. We as founders don’t care about getting rich, we want to make the world a happier place, and we would be honored if you join us on this mission.

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