A glimpse of the Happy Nation

The Happy Nation metaverse spins around the bustling, lively city center, unfolding itself around the town square. The city consists of many different buildings, all with unique themes and functions, but all share the same purpose of increasing people’s wellbeing. The houses range from a House of Books, Art and Music to a House of Learning, Wellness (yoga, meditation, fitness), Games, Psychology, and more.

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Data Set

Taking care of our bodies builds our confidence and makes us feel energized
Appreciating the positive is one of the most effective ways to feel great and more fulfilled
Kindness, to ourselves and others, is the currency of happiness
Happiness Level

Taking care of our bodies builds our confidence and makes us feel energized

To visit one of the buildings, users first need to walk to the city. They start at a fork in a road; one path leads through the Forest of Wisdom, the other through the Mountains of Enlightenment. Both are photo- and sound-realistic ambiances and contain various interesting structures, like cabins, statues, caves, or the ‘Cottage of a Thousand Stories’. All points of interest include some storytelling aspects, which invoke positive or reflective emotions. Across the map, users will find ‘Memory Stones’, a feature we’ve added to inspire people. The Memory Stones embody quotes from philosophers, authors, famous speakers, influencers, and others in the form of audio fragments. Users can collect the stones, trade them on the marketplace, or create one themselves per year for others to find and enjoy. If actively interacting with our metaverse, users will find approximately two Memory Stones a month.